Viboy’s Food Enterprise

Established on October 2016, Viboy’s Food Enterprise wants to offer everyone something unique and special. Unique gifts not only satisfy your recipients’ like but also appreciate the thoughts. Bringing some snacks on an occasion is a simple way of giving.

Our mission is to become a stable food manufacturer that provides familiar snacks of different variants such as chicharon. We at Viboy’s Food Enterprise aims to be part of every household and be a comforting family snack. By ensuring the consistency of our product,s production, we also aim to be dependable to our partner entrepreneur to provide predictable products and harmonious relationship with everyone. We want to develop and maintain the quality of our products and services. Above all, we also envision to become one of the established chicharon manufacturers in the Bicol Region.

We provide our customers with a great deal by providing low-cost mouth-watering snacks. We also provide different variants of chicharon for our customers different level of satisfaction. Because your satisfaction is what matters to us! 

Chicharon is one of the very common snacks in any part of the country. It can be matched with anything. We at Viboy’s want to be unique in some ways, that is why we offer a Giant Pork Chicharon that can reach up to more than 5 feet!

Who would not want every family occasion to be memorable? From simple gathering to awesome get-together. Surprising your families and friends with a hearty giant snack makes them feel loved and special. Viboy’s Food Enterprise’s quality products together with different beverages will make a good drink and a get together worth remembering. 


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